Saturday, February 25, 2012

The strength of America is it's people

The strength of America is it's people. People of all cultures, races, beliefs, and sexual preferences. We all can find common ground.... I believe that is our desire to live in a free society.

Now we are faced with what many see as an attempt by forces outside of the human realm. The claim of a business entity that they have equal rights to the same benefits bestowed on the people by those who founded this nation.

Our common ground is that a majority of the citizens agree that corporate influence has been the start of the collapse of basic freedom in this country. Once we remove the cancer that has been eating away at democracy we can begin to heal.

We can only do this by using the power granted us in the formation of this nation, and by joining forces against this corruption. We have to first get all the people to see that without us being united as one we stand little chance of taking back our country and protecting it for the generations that follow.

Is this going to be easy? NO! Corporations have a big stake in this and they are very good at using intimidation and fear to get their way. The fear they use is that unless the people comply with their demands they will leave and the people will suffer. However this is a knife with a two-sided blade and it can cut both ways. The truth is that they employ few people in the US, even at their peak times. The majority of our workforce are employed by small businesses.

According to a poll, conducted by Hart Research Associates, there is broad bipartisan support for the notion of amending the U.S. Constitution to affirm that corporations don’t have the same rights as people ....... effectively overturning Citizens United.

Eighty-seven percent of Democrats, 82 percent of Independents, and 68 percent of Republicans said they would support such an amendment. Even with these high numbers, 22 % say they were not aware of the ruling or how it affected the elections. In this age of easy access to information, this is a dismal display of a lack of informed American voters.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Ugly Face of the Conservative Future

I am beginning to notice what is that the extreme right is envisioning.  It is a scary thought but the only thing that makes sense. The extreme right and so-called conservatives are proposing changes that will affect everyone living in America and the thing is, most people are not noticing what their true agenda is. We are all fighting on separate issues and not connecting the dots. Today, by mere coincidence, all the dots became clear to me, as if an epiphany had taken place and I am for sure sharing it with the world because it is of extreme importance that we fight their plans with all our might.

The far right is pushing for changes in our society that will only benefit the large corporations they so intensely protect, the ones that they so valiantly gave the title of personhood. Let me begin opening your eyes:

The conservatives in this country are pushing for the abolition not only of abortion, which depending on your personal religious belief they may be right or wrong; but they are also eradicating contraceptives, abortions even if to save the life of the mother, they are trying to make illegal any means that will prevent any woman from getting pregnant, until she reaches the menopause age. That will make a woman a birth machine, with the possibility of giving birth to 10 or more children in her lifetime.

Then, they are trying very hard to make education a luxury by getting rid of public schools and make them private. This will mean that while the poor keeps giving birth, it will be impossible to send not even one of their children to a school to receive an education. Only the wealthiest will be able to afford it and get an upper education at any given University. Only the wealthy will be able to obtain a professional career, only the wealthy will be able to own their own companies or hold executive positions.

Furthermore, there are those conservatives that are already considering lowering the working age, in other words, legalizing child labor, with me so far?

Connect the dots. It is clear that they are looking at a very near future, anywhere from 15 to 20 years from now, and they have a plan, a macabre plan.  At this rate, they will have in less than a quarter of a century an immense workforce, and a cheap labor. Imagine, so many uneducated people seeking work!  They will have to work for barely anything and a new form of slavery will have been created with no way to get around being poor, with no means to improve the situation. The poor will be poorer, if that is even possible and the rich will be even richer since they will have an endless workforce that will work for pennies!

It must be our moral, civil and human obligation to stop them and stop them now. The future of this country, the world and our own depend on it.  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Man by nature is.........

Man has changed little since his inception on this earth. He is a beast of greed, and may never change. He has always desired that which he doesn’t have .... land, power, riches and the fairer of the sexes.

Man by nature is not one to be content unless he can process at least two or more of those things. His baser instinct drives him in his conquest. One has to only look at history to observe this ...... Alexander, Genghis Khan and Hitler to name a few, but there were many more over the ages.

Man has chosen many ways to go about obtaining his desires. He has used war, hate, religion, and his perceived superiority over other men to obtain his goals. Even before history was recorded this was how man lived. He has others put to death, or put into slavery, to satisfy his lusts for fulfillment. He has stolen the property of others in the name of religion or used fear and hate. Nothing is out of bounds in his desire to have what he feels is rightfully his.

You would think that man, after all this time, would have evolved past this stage, but it isn’t to be. Man still uses the same war, hate, superiority and religion to drive his agendas today. Look at what is taking place within our own borders. We are seeing the same type of behavior that has ruled from the time of early man. They desire what others have and will use any means to come by it. ...... even to killing masses of other men, woman, and children.

This isn’t limited to third world countries, but takes place within other borders as well. The means they use here may be a little less obvious but the goal is the same ....... to create a society of lower class people ........ a mass of slave labor to feed their feelings of superiority ...... to create a society of higher moral beings by imposing a singular religion by denying all others and denying the same basic rights to all Americans. No. Man has not evolved very much, nor has he learned the true meaning of religion which is to love all men as you love yourself.

Monday, February 6, 2012

What is the the cost of a union?

We have heard that workers do not want to pay union dues. Of course, they also don’t want to pay taxes. That is another story. For those against dues being taken out of their checks ....... what would they say to not having the dues removed and they keep the money? How about those who are willing pay them enjoy the protections. The catch is they wouldn’t be able to benefit from contracts created on by those who are represented by unions. Does that sound fair?

Let's say that Tom, who works at the same job as Bret and does the same work Bret does, but because he is backed by the union he gets a dollar more per hour than Bret, who doesn't join a union. Tom also gets more insurance coverage and pays less for his insurance. Do you think Bret is going to accept that? Bret goes to his boss and wants the same pay for the same job “Ahhhh ... no, the boss says. You can’t ...... and by the way I need you and Bret to work more hours. Remember that vacation you had last year I have to stop that too. Now back to work”.

It has been years, so many have not seen the way the working class was treated ...... the poor working conditions and the long backbreaking hours doing manual labor with no breaks. Yes ....... even breaks are one of those things unions fought for, and one of those things Bret benefited from even though he never paid a penny in dues. How about the long hard hours of repetitive motion? ...... doing the same task over and over day in and day out, year after year.

Do those who are backing the corporations' demands for less regulation think the only ones they are upset with are those that protect the environment? No. It is all regulations ..... like workers safety and providing workers with protective equipment ....... workers compensation in the event they get injured on the job ...... unemployment insurance if they are laid off temporarily. Well workers compensation not only protects the worker ..... it protects the company as well. Yes, if a worker takes workers compensation they are not able to sue the company for safety violations.

The next time you meet a Bret ask him if he would work 16 hours a day seven days a week for less than $7.25 an hour ...... the rate for nonexempt workers. When he replies that the company he works for would never do that, ask what prevents them from doing so?

Those who would accept less money for their labor, as I see it, are suffering from low self- esteem. They don’t feel that their value could ever be the same has others, so they will settle for less. But, as stated in the Bible, “The laborer deserves his wages.”

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Freedom cannot be selective.

While the racist right wing has shed their robes and exchanged them for suits and dress shirts, and casual paramilitary uniforms they are unable to mask the hatred that extrudes from very cells of their bodies. It surrounds them in a foul scent that can’t be removed or covered up.

One has to only look into their eyes or see it written on their faces to tell the extent of the rot that has taken place. Watch Mr. Gingrich’s or Mr. Santorum’s eyes when they speak of people of color. In Gingrich’s you can see he is thinking the “N” word by how he squints his eyes and curls his lips. Santorum is a little less evident, but it comes across in his speech….. BLAH people?

Ron Paul has his distain under better control, but his problem is from his past associations and actions. He has tried to distance himself, but that stench has a long life and may follow him until after he is gone.

Many claim they are not racist, but actions talk louder than words and it isn’t limited today to race, but has been extended to class and political affiliation.

Those who serve the public are some of the biggest violators. Would you expect a black legislator to publicly tell Americans that he wants them to leave this country? Considering the fact that when he was a kid his parents as well as himself had to deal with the same comments growing up because of their race.

The death of family pets on the left has occurred. Bullying of gays or the beating to deaths of some seem to be accepted by the right. We have seen a rise in the horrific deaths of blacks and gays ....... whether it has been by dragging them behind a truck, or just driving over them for sport.

I have yet to hear any church or political candidate on the right speak out against the violence.

The right wing talk radio defends the young people who advocate killing gays as free speech but condemn those who speak out against the corporations. News flash - you can’t have it both ways. Freedom cannot be selective. Either all have it or none, including the media.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

90 DEGREES TO THE LEFT: The Left Must Unite or We Will Lose our Country

90 DEGREES TO THE LEFT: The Left Must Unite or We Will Lose our Country: I keep hearing that Obama must start working for "WE the people" and how he hasn't done all he has promised, believe me, I have b...

To the moon Newt, to the moon.

We have heard from the idea man, Mr. Gingrich, that he is a man of great vision. He has made the statement that before his second term there would be an American moon base. Now that really takes a man of vision, since he has yet to even be nominated.

What would we do with this mega trillion dollar high tech base? Make the moon our 51st state as Mr. Gingrich has stated we should? Maybe he wants to "drill baby drill" for oil. Oh wait ........... there could be no oil there. Hmmmm ....... we could corner the market on moon rocks or moon pies.

We could send those kids who have no work skills there. You know ...... those poor kids who take and take from the rest of us. Send them there along with their useless parents, as a sort of Republican final solution. You know ....... like the Nazis had in mind for the Jews, but this would be on a much larger scale. At the rate the Republican Party is increasing the rate of poverty in this nation alone, it would take centuries to ship the poor to the moon.

Perhaps Mr. Gingrich knows the truth ...... that the corporate agenda will lay waste to the earth, and that this moon base is for the wealthy to make their escape to once the earth is no longer habitable. I am almost afraid to publish this, fearful they might come and put me in a straight jacket. And I don’t even have the media central stage that Gingrich has. How has he managed to avoid those men in white coats?

Of course NASA is making advancements. With the deficit, however, where is Mr. Gingrich suggesting we find the funding? Also, wouldn’t it be against his demands for a smaller government?

Consider the cost to be at $450 million for one mission, at the max cargo capacity of 55,250 pounds per trip. The cost of a launch is approximately $10,000 per pound ($22,000 per kg). How long (and how many trips) would it take to get enough material to house 13,000 people? Then how much to continue a flow of supplies to maintain the colony?

One has to wonder ........ should we be thinking about whether Mr. Gingrich is stable enough to hold the office of President ........... or should we be thinking about putting him on some strong medications?